A friend of mine who recently moved posted the following on Facebook: “Does anyone need boxes? We have many!”


The last pile of boxes waiting to move from our Bagabag house 2 years ago. Those same boxes have assisted in 2 moves since then. They now rest quietly in our upper cupboards. (Well, except for the one that got its big break as a Minecraft creeper head…)

What a wonderful status message! I actually can’t remember the last time we got rid of our moving boxes. To think of reaching a point where one doesn’t anticipate needing them in the foreseeable future… well, I think I’ll have to put that on my bucket list!

But (you may say), boxes are a fairly available commodity — why clutter up one’s home with them, no matter how soon the next move is? Well. I have two words for that. Pack. Rat. Yep, as much as I dream of having a boxless house someday (imagine actually being able to store linens in the upper cupboards!), the truth is we do get attached to our boxes!

We even kept a box once just because of the message on the outside. This was years ago. (25, to be exact.) We received a wedding present in the mail in a worn box subtly tatooed with the marks of a past life. Scrawled in ballpoint ink across one side were the words “ugly plastic wreath”. The backstory of that box — released at long last from years of unwanted-Christmas-deco bondage — so delighted us that we kept the poor thing long after the cheeses it conveyed were consumed.

Boxes. Such a part of our transient lifestyle. But someday I’m gonna ditch ’em all!

Q: What are your best “box” memories?



3 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. haha! ugly plastic wreath! that’s hilarious. so curious. Also, what is ‘pack. rat. ?’ I keep boxes too. Especially ‘nice’ ones that I can put my ‘nice’ things in. I usually use odd shaped boxes that I collect from the supermarket at restocking time, but last time we moved we used nice uniform boxes borrowed from my in-laws. I really appreciated the way they all stacked perfectly. It made filling the truck to the top so much easier and less like a game of tetris. Even my Dad commented on them when helping unload our truck!

    • Yeah, we’ve used (mostly) uniform boxes for the last couple moves, too — and you’re right! it really does make the process nicer! (Except when said uniform boxes turn out to be of inferior design and drop their contents midway between Point A and Point B — not nice!)

      Don’t tell me you don’t have packrats down under!? =) A packrat is technically a nestbuilding rodent (also called woodrat) known for gathering (i.e. “stealing”) all sorts of things to take back to their nests. The term is also used as an idiom for a person whose “nest” is also filled with things they can’t make themselves get rid of. =)

      • Oh yes! those are some nice looking boxes.
        ha! no, we don’t have pack rats. Or that term. Weird. Just normal rats.
        hahaaha – thanks. You’ve made watching US TV shows that little bit more sensical. 🙂

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