Faith – never leave home without it!

Last week I took the 1-hour ride into the city on an “FX” or route taxi. Crammed snugly in with 10 other people (for a total of 11 — in a 9 passenger vehicle), I marveled at the driver’s ability — and penchant — for quickly grabbing any open space on the road. In any lane. And even in spaces that could not really be called a “lane” at all!

Just one view of typical Manila traffic

The good thing about this was that we did move right along, despite the heavy traffic.

The bad part was that I soon realized the book in my bag was going to have to stay there. Swerving and reading do not make particular good travel companions!

To pass the time — in addition to praying, that is — I began scanning the signs inside the front window. There was the usual “Barya lang po sa umaga” (“Please give [small/exact] change in the mornings” – this because the driver hasn’t done enough trips yet to have accrued change for big bills).

Then on the left side of the window: “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Which, from his driving, I would guess really meant “If God be for us, who can be ahead of us?”!

But my favorite sign was appropriately affixed in the top right corner of the windshield — right in front of the front seat passenger. “Faith is a requirement, not an option.”

Wise words. And not just for riding on public transportation in Manila!

Q: Got any transportation experiences that have changed your outlook on life?


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